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Prague revamps its public transport

The Czech capital unveiled a new visual identity which will be applied to almost all vehicles

  • 05 augustus 2020 19:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium 4 bus pid tisk
Bron: City of Prague

Prague’s public transport will soon have a new look, informed the local authorities on Monday. The Czech capital announced the winning design proposal which will be applied for the complete overhaul of the existing and new vehicles in Prague and the region of Central Bohemia. This, the city authorities believe, will make the transport service modern, more interconnected and easier to spot, at no additional costs.

Having the user comfort in mind

The integrated transport system of Prague (PID) currently has 27 carriers with 7 different types of transport. Now it is expanding throughout the Central Bohemian Region. This is what created the need to modernize and unify the visual identity of the entire system so that its users will know easily when a PID ticket is valid.

Here is why Prague launched a competition for graphic design professionals through CZECHDESIGN. It concerned creating new PID system logotype, ROPID transport organizer logotype, campaign and information materials, administrative and internal documents for clients, printed materials, markings of personnel uniforms and a Manual of the uniform appearance of vehicles of the transport system.

A jury consisting of independent design and transport experts from Prague and the Central Bohemian Region, city and regional representatives selected the project of superlative.works. This studio includes Mikuláš Macháček, Petr Štěpán and Bohumil Vašák, all experienced in corporate identity creation and graphic design.

Prague T3The new visual communication is inspired by the traditional T3 tram. Image: City of Prague

Unmistakable, distinctive, and upgraded – the new design of Prague’s transit

The jury found that the winner presented a modern, clean solution with allusions to the iconic T3 tram. It was qualified as “unmistakable, distinctive, and at the same time in terms of colour and simplicity [building] upon the existing solution”. An important criterion was the clarity of the system, the easy legibility of the font and safety.

Prague train with new designThe new design will apply to all newly acquired vehicles or cars undergoing modernization, or major repairs. It does not cover the T3 tram and other types of vehicles (such as 15T trams or M1 metro trains) for which repainting is not expected in the foreseeable future. Source: City of Prague

Mayor Hřib addressed the critics

The municipal representatives were adamant that the new design would not incur any costs and will bring about the gradual modernisation of the fleet since the painting will be replaced during major renovations or when replenishing the vehicle fleet.

What is more, in Deputy-Mayor Adam Scheinherr’s opinion, savings will be made thanks to the more economical choice with a reduced number of colours, more resistant to operational pollution. The price tag of the competition and the creation of a graphic manual was 1,940,000 CZK (74 000 euros), and there will be no additional costs for implementation.

"In Prague, we are not planning any mass and meaningless repainting of buses or trams. I am sorry that the opposition is [spreading] this nonsensical fake news. The costs for Prague beyond this competition will be absolute zero because the new design will be used only for future purchases of cars, or for all-paint maintenance of kits. You would have to do it anyway.

The unification of graphics will take place gradually over a period of fifteen years. Similar visual maintenance of cars is now being prepared by Czech Railways on all CityElefant trains, which run on the border of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region. I am glad that the winning design of visual identity is modern, original and memorable, with a strong and functional concept. The new visual identity will ensure a uniform scheme for marking vehicles, as is the case in the leading European capitals" concluded Mayor Zdeněk Hřib.

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