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Slovakia goes into lockdown-lite this weekend

Amid a nationwide testing campaign, the government will also be imposing a series of restrictions to public life

  • 23 oktober 2020 19:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
Medium slovakia security council
Bron: Government of Slovakia

While simultaneously embarking on a nation-wide COVID testing campaign, Slovakia will also be imposing new restrictions on public life meant to contain the disease and limit its spread throughout the country. The new rules will be in force starting tomorrow and will be in place for around a week – but everything is subject to change and the government is ready to adapt to a shift in circumstances should the epidemiological situation rapidly deteriorate.

Mild measures for starters

The new restrictions that will be in place starting tomorrow, 24 October, will be mild compared to the rules in other European countries. While epidemiologists in Slovakia had recommended a full lockdown for 2-3 weeks, authorities in the country ultimately decided to approach with caution in order to prevent further damage to the economy and to people’s psyche.

The new rules concern two main aspects of everyday life – schools and curfews. Thus, starting next weeks, all secondary schools and all children in classes 5 to 9 will transition to mandatory distance learning. The mandate will be in effect between 26 October and 27 November. Kindergartens and younger children, meanwhile, will still be allowed to attend in-person classes.

The curfew, however, kicks in as early as tomorrow – 24 October and its first iteration will last until 1 November – e.g. after the first round of nationwide testing. In this first phase, the only exception for going out will be essential activities – such as visiting shops, visiting loved ones, going to work or going out into nature, as long as it is within your district.

After the first round of testing is concluded in the districts of Orava and Bardejov, citizens who boast a negative test will be exempt from some of the restrictions upon presenting it to the relevant official. The same rule will apply to other parts of the country as the nationwide testing campaign continues.

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