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South Dublin launches app that gives access to mental health services

It bridges the gap between those who provide and those who need mental assistance

  • czerwiec 14, 2019 17:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium mindmindr
Źródło: South Dublin County Council/ sdublincoco.ie

Not long ago the Local Council of South Dublin launched a convenient and modern tool, addressing those who might need mental health services. A mobile application suitable for iOS and Android devices provides information on the available mental health services in a convenient form, which we are all very used to work with.

Developed in conjunction with the HSE, Mindmindr 2019 provides a detailed information on a variety of health areas, among which depression, addiction, crisis pregnancy and suicide prevention. It is therefore aimed at those who are in need of support from a mental health professional. Together with the emergency contacts services, the available healthcare establishments are placed on a map, enabling the users to position themselves more easily. The product is a new iteration of an app launched in 2013 and is supported by Deputy Mayor of South Dublin County at the time, Cllr Cathal King.

At the launch of the app he said that there was still a stigma around mental health and asking for help. Despite the availability of local support groups, people were either unaware or unable to reach out to them. He underlined the importance of such a tool for improved connection between those who need and those who provide assistance.

For links to both versions of the app, click here.

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