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Finland bolsters support for electric vehicles

Authorities aim to upgrade the country’s infrastructure and make it more electric and biogas vehicle-friendly

  • Quinta-feira, 06 de Agosto de 2020, 14:30h
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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With European countries collectively attempting to reduce their emissions in a bid to fight climate change, Finnish authorities are constantly on the lookout for new solutions that would help them achieve their ambitious climate targets. One of the latest decisions adopted by Finland’s government has been the expansion of support for biogas and electric vehicles through upgrades to the country’s entire infrastructure.

Forging on into the future

The decision comes in the form of an update to an already existing decree on infrastructure support for electric and biogas vehicles for the 2018-2021 period. Through the update, officials want to make room for even more investment in the conversion of key infrastructure and to allow companies to quickly find financial support for developments and innovations in the industry.

More specifically, the changes and the updates to the decree aim to make the allocation of funds easier, especially when it comes to transferring funding to projects that would have the greatest impact. A special emphasis is put on the creation and further development of vast networks of electric charging stations and biogas refuelling points across the country.

The allocation of funds will prioritise municipalities that so far have had no such stations and points in their surroundings and will thus promote the use and purchase of electric and biogas vehicles in different regions and parts of Finland.

By increasing its support for the development of these key parts of mobility infrastructure, Finnish authorities are once again proving that they are thinking with the future in mind – and are ahead of the curve. The creation of charging and resupply networks across the territory of the country would undoubtedly prove a great stimulus to many citizens that so far have refrained from purchasing an environmentally friendly vehicle simply because there aren’t enough refuelling and recharging spots – which in turn would allow the government to successfully reach its climate targets.

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