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São João da Madeira allocates more money for scholarships

The municipality wants to support more students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds

  • Terça-feira, 13 de Agosto de 2019, 19:30h
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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According to a press release, issued by the Portuguese municipality of São João da Madeira, the local government will be increasing its budget allocated to the financing of scholarships of disadvantaged local students. Until now, the budget allowed for the support of up to 40 students. Thanks to the new funding, the number will rise to 50 – a 25% increase.

The increase in budget is accompanied by new legislation when it comes to the qualification for scholarships. The application procedure will take place each year in October with the process being publicized on the municipal outlets. According to the local authorities the whole goal of the initiative is to “encourage and provide equal access to higher education for young (citizens of São João da Madeira) who, due to economic difficulties, could not continue their studies”.

According to the local authorities, measures like this are of vital importance as they help reduce the overall number who are barred from entering higher education due to financial constraints. In many cases such a vicious circle closes in on itself and prevents disadvantaged groups from leaving a temporary slump, turning it into a permanent one.  Good practices like this one presented in São João da Madeira is a great approach to alleviating such problems.

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