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Ljubljana ready to meet the schooling needs of residents

With the school year starting on Monday, the municipality has made all necessary preparations

  • 31 August 2019 15:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The municipality of Ljubljana is pleased to report that almost all of the children in the capital have been enrolled in one of the city’s many kindergartens. The local government is also noting an increase in the enrolment in primary schools.

Thanks to significant investments by the local authorities, the schooling system of Ljubljana was able to absorb over 13,000 children wishing to attend kindergartens. Only 193 kids are still on waiting lists, but 120 of them have already received offers – which were rejected by parents, who have very specific requirements regarding their children’s education.

According to the mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Jankovic, this is the main reason for the long waiting list.   "We are able to take all the children into kindergartens. The problem is that parents want not only a particular kindergarten, but also a certain ward," he stated.

Over 25,000 children will be attending Primary Schools in Ljubljana this year – an increase of 615 compared to the 2018 figures. 1129 of them will attend private educational facilities in the city.

The local government of Ljubljana has been making ready local educational facilities over the summer, with significant investments in the renovation and upgrades of schools and kindergartens across the city. Over the last few years, over 1 billion euros have been invested in education by the municipality.

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