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An oasis in the city - the future of Oradea

With this project, the Romanian town will reaffirm its position as a top-tier spa destination

  • Nedeľa 02. August 2020 15:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium oradea
Zdroj: Oradea Municipality

The Romanian Municipality of Oradea announced that it will submit a project for the creation of the Ioșia Thermal Garden, to be developed with European funding. The new recreational facility will have thermal pools, a sauna and a treatment centre as well as a pontoon in the Crisului Repede area.

Ioșia Thermal Garden - a major project for the local administration

The Garden will be situated on 3.24 hectares of land, on the left bank of Crişul Repede, instead of being a part of the current Ioşia Swimming Pool. There will be a complex of thermal water pools, 5 located on the outside and on the 12 inside.

It is comprised of an area that includes a wellness spa and relaxation areas for the elderly. It will have leisure capacities for those who simply want to come in and enjoy themselves. This aquapark will not simply be for fun but it will also serve as a headling thermal garden that will service both the inhabitants of Oradea and the tourists who arrive in the city, according to the City Hall.

An oasis in the city - the future of Oradea All facilities will be integrated into a green area with plants specific to hot water areas. Image by Oradea Municipality 

At maximum capacity the complex will be able to accommodate an influx of approximately 1700 people per day in summertime, and respectively 600 people per day during winter. Parking spaces will be arranged in accordance with the daily needs, with the venue boasting a minimum of 147 places, to which the existing parking spaces around the site will also be added should the need arise.

In August, Oradea City Hall will submit the project for approval to the Local Council. Funding will be provided next year through European funds, on a financing axis for tourism and spas, and from the city's own budget. The works will start in 2021 and will last for a period of two years. Upon the final completion of the project, Oradea will confirm its position as a top-tier spa town.

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