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Braga showcases Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

The final draft of the Plan is currently being developed

  • Pondelok 02. December 2019 17:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Zdroj: Braga Municipality

Last week the Braga City Council held the 2nd public debate on its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. The period for a follow-up public discussion is being extended to 31 December and citizens are being invited to contribute with their own ideas and suggestion.

Currently, the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is in its final drafting stages. It incorporates a grand vision for the future of transportation in the city – one that prioritizes the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and promotes the use of public transport at the expense of personal cars. If this vision is brought to fruition, the city will not only become cleaner and healthier, but it will also ensure better road safety and environmental sustainability.

Ricardo Rio, Mayor of Braga was also present at the debate and declared that the issues of mobility are among the priorities of the local government. He further stated that the Plan “is a comprehensive and strategic document that reflects our priorities and will enable us to make coherent interventions that meet the objectives we want to achieve.”

The Plan – part of a wider push for an environmentally friendly and healthy way of life in Braga

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan also makes up a crucial part of Braga’s overall approach to fighting climate change. By converting the urban landscape into a walking-friendly and cycling-friendly city and by integrating different modes of transport, the local government hopes to promote not only the use of alternatives mobility options but to also achieve meaningful behavioural change among its citizens.

City officials are adamant that once enacted, the Plan will not be a simple statement of intent – rather it will be a powerful tool – strategic and assertive, but also flexible, used by authorities to enact much-needed changes to the urban environment and to most importantly improve the quality of life of citizens of Braga.

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