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New rental apartments for the elderly in Sweden

The municipality of Berg is set to start a relocation chain and will promote migration

  • Sobota 18. Január 2020 15:00
  • Author TheMayor.EU
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Zdroj: Agreement on the construction of new rental apartments for the elderly in Svenstavik / berg.se

Many elderly people in Sweden do not need special care or specialized homes to live in. At the same time, however, they do not want or cannot live alone in their houses and maintain them the way they used to when they were younger.

That is why the Municipality of Berg came up with an appropriate solution for this issue.

The project

Right before Christmas, the Municipality of Berg signed an agreement for the construction of up to 20 new rental apartments for the elderly. The contractor will be Riksbyggen, a company owned by the Swedish building unions, housing associations and national co-operative associations. The project was inspired by the fact that, currently, there are no alternative homes for older people who are perfectly able to take care of themselves.

The flats to be constructed will be modern and with all the amenities a person may need. In addition, they will include common areas for residents to socialize. The rent will be reasonable as per Therese Kärngard, a councillor in the municipality.

The project also develops a special type of rental agreement between the tenant and the landlord, the latter being an association. When a person signs a rental contract for a flat, they automatically become members of the association owning this flat. This way, the tenant is protected and has certain rights over the flat.

A long-term goal

The municipality not only wants to meet a certain demand in Swedish society. It also wants to create a migration chain within the country. Many elderly still live in their family houses and there is a great demand for those from families with children. The supply, however, is low. Having cheap rental flats for the elderly will allow more young people to move to the area and start a new life, bring new investments and businesses and create more variety in the employment market.

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