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Portugal offers peace of mind to potential tourists

Visitors to the Iberian country can now buy a Covid-19 travel insurance

  • Štvrtok 06. August 2020 13:00
  • Author Tzvetozar Vincent Iolov
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Tourism Portugal announced earlier this week the launching of new travel insurance product which is aimed at alleviating the minds of tourists who wish to visit the country. Foreigners can now be fully insured for expenses associated with Covid-19 illness.

The authorities are keen on presenting Portugal as a safe destination

The new insurance initiative is promoted by RNA Seguros de Assistência and is available at portugaltravelinsurance.com. Coverage extends over the whole territory of Portugal, including the Azores and Madeira islands.

In addition to the usual benefits of travel insurances, this product offers coverage for any medical, pharmaceutical and hospital costs that might arise as a result of Covid-19 treatment. Furthermore, tourists can feel assured that any inconveniences, such as hotel extensions and trip cancellations will also be covered.

The announced product is only one of the features of a larger policy that seeks to elevate the image of the country as a reliable destination during the pandemic, or even in general. To that end, earlier this year Tourism Portugal also introduced the Clean & Safe Seal and renewed the Portugal Health Passport.

The first of these is a badge which enterprises operating in the tourism and hospitality sector can display as a guarantee that they are fully compliant with the recommendations of the national health authorities.

As for the health passport, it offers access to a network of high-quality private hospitals in the country to visitors allowing them added value with the knowledge that they can always count on nearby medical services. Tourists can sign up for free at the PortugalHealthPassport site and book a Covid-19 test.

Since tourism is an important feature of the Portuguese economy, the authorities spare no effort in coming up with creative solutions to stimulate interest. Currently, there are 24 Tourism Portugal teams working in strategic markets to generate demand among potential visitors.

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