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Braga with Intelligent Public Lighting trial project

The northern part of the city now hosts this new super-modern equipment

  • 02. avgust, 2019 ob 21:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The municipality of Braga is making headlines yet again with its environmentally friendly policies. The city’s northern urban district is hosting the groundbreaking Intelligent Public Lighting trial project across 4.5 hectares of its terrain.  

The new system has the following features – it can remotely manage and adapt lighting levels in the area, it can automatically check for lighting failures thanks to automatic failure notifications, it can measure the amount of energy consumption and the amount of energy saved, its interface allows you to see where on the map there is active lighting, it will also be possible to assign individual dimming and lighting calendars for individual lamps through a special interface. The devices are also equipped with motion sensors, allowing them to activate and deactivate depending on the traffic in their surroundings. The Intelligent Public Lighting is also constantly collecting data on ozone levels, amounts of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, temperatures, humidity etc. which it then stores on a cloud data server.

The Intelligent Public Lighting project is financed by the Environmental Fund under BUILD (Braga Urban Innovation Laboratory Demonstrator). Its aim is to revolutionize the presently established concepts of Smart City and Internet of Things. In their efforts to develop a truly Smart City, the local government is aiming to expand the service across Braga in the following months.

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