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Copenhagen – a hub for global and regional operations

It is also the home of the United Nations City Campus
  • 29. april, 2019 ob 21:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium uncity
Vir: un.dk

The United Nations City Campus 1 building on the tip of Marmormolen in the Northern Harbour District in Copenhagen is home to 11 UN organisations employing staff from 108 countries. The building was inaugurated in 2013. Today, it is home to 1,800 employees from UN City Campus 1 and Campus 2, the UNICEF state-of-the-art high bay storage facility located at the container port in the Northern Harbour.

Designed by Danish architects, the star-shaped Campus 1 building symbolises how the United Nations reaches out to people all over the world. The office spaces cover 45,000 square metres. More than 1,400 solar panels line the roof of UN City covering around 10% of the building’s annual electricity consumption.

Every year UN City welcomes approximately 80,000-100,000 people for meetings, conferences and guided tours. Among the key functions of the organisations in Copenhagen are procurement, supply chain and human resources management, health and innovation.      

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Source: un.dk