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Croatia’s largest solar power plant put into operation on island of Vis

The new plant will be able to supply 1600 homes with electricity each year

  • 25. september, 2020 ob 21:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Earlier last week, the HEP power company unveiled Croatia’s largest solar power plant on the island of Vis. The new grounds are worth HRK 31 million and are able to produce up to 5 million kWh of power, supplying some 1600 households with electricity.

Going environmentally friendly

The new HEP solar power plant will be a great boon for the island of Vis as it will give locals unprecedented energy security and will allow them to live a more environmentally friendly and environmentally conscious lifestyle. The impact that the solar power plant will have will be especially important during the summer months when electricity consumption if far higher and is thus far more costly for the environment and the climate.

 Representatives from the Croatian economy ministry were present at the official opening ceremony of the new power plant claiming that this is just the beginning of a great adventure – an adventure that will make Croatia more environmentally friendly and more self-reliant.

According to officials, over the next 10 years, Croatia will undergo a complete transformation, expanding its capabilities for generating environmentally friendly and climate-neutral energy and thus becoming more in line with the EU’s ambitious climate goals. The next ten years will also be the culmination of the government’s efforts which have been specifically focused towards promoting the use and development of green energy alternatives.

The company responsible for the construction of the solar power plant further explained that by 2030, they will continue their work, creating other large green energy sites with power capacities of 1500 mW. According to HEP representatives, most of them will be either wind or solar-powered, thus further boosting Croatia’s environmentally friendly efforts.

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