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Czech town rewards diligent schoolchildren with access to swimming pool

Hardly can we imagine a better gift in view of the record-breaking heatwaves at the moment

  • 02. julij, 2019 ob 17:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Vir: trinecko.cz

The schoolchildren of the Czech town of Trinec were given a very “cool” reward for their efforts and diligence throughout the school year. The local authorities have given away one-time tickets giving pool access at the local swimming complex to both schoolchildren and pre-schoolers on the occasion of the the end of the school year. The tickets can be used throughout the holiday season no later than 31st August.

Hence, the tickets were distributed to almost 4.5 thousand children attending elementary and nursery schools established by the town of Třinec, including pupils from the elementary school and kindergarten, as well as secondary schools, elementary schools and kindergartens in Jablunkovská Street and students of lower grades of the eight-year grammar school. Those who attend the day care centre Paprsek and the children's group Pampeliška can also benefit from the gift.

For kids, the biggest attraction in the Třinec swimming pool are the toboggan and the children's pools. Accordingly, for the youngest there is a paddling pool with a slide, a dolphin that spouts water and a fountain. In addition to water fun, visitors can also enjoy a range of sports activities, including beach volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, netball, pétanque and more.

On the occasion the deputy mayor of Trinec Ivo Kalet said that the city was motivated to please the children every year with a small gift for their successful records and thereby encourage their efforts. The local authorities wished a happy holiday to everyone.

Source: City of Třinec

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