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Alcoy will use intelligent solutions to fight Covid-19

The local government of the Spanish city mobilises its smart city projects against the new coronavirus

  • 29 maj 2020 14:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Källa: Ayuntamiento de Alcoy

The city council of Alcoy announced its readiness to mobilise intelligent solutions against the spread of Covid-19 earlier this month. The Spanish city will be using its existing and future infrastructure and management systems developed under a comprehensive Smart City Strategy before the pandemic became a threat.

Smart solutions against coronavirus

Alcoy has started integrating smart city solutions as part of a Smart City platform way before the Covid-19 pandemic hit Spain. Their implementation was already planned and is co-financed by the European Union's Feder funds, explains the authority. However, with the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, smart solutions have turned out to be even more important than before.

Part of the Smart City Strategy of Alcoy is the installation of sensors and the development of IoT network for improved municipal management. Local authorities believe that the smart city strategy will allow them to obtain the necessary data and guarantee safety during the health emergency caused by Covid-19.

The municipal government has acquired a comprehensive management system for body temperature control, capacity control, security, license plate reading, counting the number of people and cyclists. This management system is composed of 160 cameras spread throughout the city.

It will give information on the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, allow for crowd control and for following the capacity of public spaces which are all essential to combatting the spread of the new coronavirus. The thermographic cameras that are placed in different municipal facilities such as the entrance to the Alcoy Town Hall or the Tourism office will allow Covid-19 to be detected through body temperature monitoring.

Alcoy mayor Toni Francés, quoted by the municipal portal, highlighted that "with this health crisis, many more people are understanding the importance of technology in our lives. Placing sensors, cameras, obtaining data and managing them allows us to have information and know what to do and how to do it. In Alcoy, we are fortunate to be one of the most advanced medium-sized cities in the field of Smart City, so projects that we already had in place will help us fight against Covid-19, improving the quality of life but also protecting the men and women of Alcoy".

Smart City Development in Alcoy

Alcoy has been working on its smart city projects for years and has unanimously approved a Master Plan. Within this city strategy, different initiatives have already been carried out, like the introduction of electronic administration; electric vehicle charging points; innovative public purchasing; the plan to accredit Alcoy as a smart tourist destination (DTI), among others.

Cameras also have other uses, beyond the fight against Covid-19. For example, with the conversion of the centre into a pedestrian zone, they will be able to monitor the license plates of the vehicles of residents who are authorized to enter or to merchants to load and unload.

In order to manage smart projects, the city has created a "Smart Office". This body involves technicians, politicians, university and other educational centres representing the economic and social fabric, local companies or other administrations.

Finally, authorities remind that Alcoy is one of the few Spanish cities, part of the "Digital Cities Challenge".  As part of this program of the European Commission, Alcoy has applied technology to retain qualified talent, create new jobs in the digital world and boost entrepreneurship.

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