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Källa: Siġġiewi Local Council
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Siggiewi was already established in the 14th century, and on December 30th 1797 it was established as a city by the Grandmaster Ferdinand Von Hompesch who christened the city as "Città Ferdinand".

The feast dedicated to St. Nicholas of Bari is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of June. During this time, the Church and streets are decorated and band clubs march along the roads, playing cheerful music, accompanied by aerial and ground fireworks.

Siggiewi, also known as Città Ferdinand, is a village in the South-West part of Malta. The town is built on a plateau 10km away from Valletta, and has a population of around 9000 people, who in the past were mostly farmers working in the agricultural areas that surround the village.

St Nikola Chapel

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Källa: Siġġiewi Local Council

The Parish Church: The great baroque parish church, dedicated to St Nicholas of Bari was constructed by the villagers who raised money themselves between 1676 and 1693. It was designed by the Maltese architect, Lorenzo Gafà but the portico and naves were added in the second half of the 19th century. The titular painting is by the famous Mattia Preti, while the titular statue was crafted by Pietro Felici in 1736. The same sculptor created the stone statue that still stands in the central square of the Siggiewi.



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