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Källa: Revúca Municipality
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The first written record of the existence of the town of Revúca dates back to 1357. The growth of the town was influenced by the development of crafts, trade and especially a more than 500-year-old tradition of producing and processing iron

During the second half of the XIX century, Revúca became a centre of Slovak national revival. In 1862, the first high school teaching in the Slovak language was established in Revúca, but it was closed in 1874 by the Hungarian authorities.

Nowadays, both the original building of the high school and the new building are National Cultural Monuments. During the brief period of its existence, the high school attracted many activists, writers, and politicians to the town.

Revúca is situated in the south-eastern part of the Banská Bystrica Region and is the administrative seat of Revúca District. With an area of ​​38,87 km2 and a population of 11,728 (in 2019) Revúca belongs to the category of small urban settlements.

Trade and agriculture dominate the economy of Revúca. The highest concentration of industry is in the zone Revúca-Lubeník-Jelšava.  

Church of Saint Lawrence

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Källa: Revúca Municipality

The late Gothic Roman Catholic church of Saint Lawrence has a deacon built in the second half of the XV century and a pre-built tower. Originally, the building had two towers, but the lower one was destroyed by a fire in 1892.