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The pandemic has also influenced the “Entrepreneur of the Month” awards in Murcia

The last three winners were all businesses promoting food delivery

  • 29 oktober 2020 13:00
  • Author Tzvetozar Vincent Iolov
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Every annual quarter the Murcian Ministry of Business and Industry, through its Development Institute, grants three awards (one for each month respectively) to innovative business projects that it considers being worthy of the distinction.

It comes perhaps as no surprise that all three winners for the third quarter were all enterprises working in the field of food preparation and delivery, given the need for ideas which help businesses stay afloat in the context of severely restrictive measures, such as curfews and lockdowns.

Digital ordering and product deliveries were sped up even more by the arrival of the coronavirus

The honoured start-ups are Pamipe.com, Leticia Navarro and Ready.me.

The first of these, Pamipe, won the award for July. Led by Pablo Lax, it is a company that specializes in food preparation and delivery – the twist here being that the food in question is dog food. Pets, just like people, need healthy, tailored and regularly delivered nutrition, which is precisely what the company offers.

Even more, each package also includes an ecological playtoy and an organic snack for the pooch. And the cherry on the top of that cake is the online veterinary service provided so that consultations can be done from the comfort of one’s home.

Leticia Navarro, a Japanese-trained chef, was the August winner. She is the owner of ‘ChiYoko’, a sushi delivery service based in El Algar and operating along the coast of Mar Menor. Since quality sushi is usually expensive, her concept was to cut cost so that more people will be able to afford the delicacies.

Ready.me was the winner for the month of September. They created an online platform for food ordering which restaurants can easily use and tailor according to their specific brands.

The winners have already been notified of their accomplishments, yet they will have to wait some more to receive the awards in person at a special ceremony. Meanwhile, they have been sent certificates which they can display on their business premises or websites.

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