TheMayor.EU - the European Portal for Cities and Citizens aims to enhance the understanding and cohesion between the citizens of the European Union, the local authorities and EU institutions.

The goal of the initiative is to keep the taxpayers informed about the good practices on a local, regional and European Union level, by honouring the work of local authorities. This will ultimately lead to improved cooperation and exchange of information between the municipalities in the European Union and will contribute to the socio-economic development of the regions and cities.

The portal is dynamic and open to every EU municipality willing to join it, no matter how big or small. The local administrations will gain access to a direct channel through which they can inform citizens of recent achievements and promote interesting projects in line with the shared European values.

Visit the Add a City section to learn how to participate.

In 2021 TheMayor.EU won the European Parliament's "European Citizen's Prize" for its work in promoting the European values of transparency, cross-border cooperation and good governance at the local level.

Tomov, Gabriel, Panov, Markkula  and Mihaylova launching TheMayorEU

Boyan Tomov – Chairman of EuroAdvance Association and founder of the project TheMayor.EU, Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Daniel Panov – Chairman of the National Association of Bulgarian Municipalities and Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo, Markku Markkula – Former First Vice-president of the European Committee of the Regions and Iskra Mihaylova – Former Chair of the Committee on Regional Development launched the unique platform dedicated entirely to the municipalities in the European Union – TheMayor.EU.


EuroAdvance Association, which stands behind the initiative is a non-profit organization. We rely largely on advertisement and sponsored content. This enables us to provide EU municipalities and visitors with a free experience.

Our organisation has broad experience in the realisation of the project Kmeta.bg – The portal of the Bulgarian municipalities. It has proven its sustainability throughout the years and has managed to attract the interest of local administrations and citizens. EuroAdvance has been a partner in the organization of “The Mayor of the Year” competition in Bulgaria for 8 consecutive years.