The municipality purchased 1,000 Christmas cookies, Source: City of Pilsen / A. Jarošová

1,000 gingerbread cookies help out Pilsen sellers facing cancelled Christmas markets

1,000 gingerbread cookies help out Pilsen sellers facing cancelled Christmas markets

The municipality purchased the baked goods, distributing them to social workers

On 26 November, Czechia entered a state of emergency due to a rise in COVID cases. As a result, Christmas markets were forced to shut down, with hundreds of stallholders losing money due to the sudden closures. Understanding that the majority of the sellers make their highest profits during this time of the year, local authorities quickly found ways to help.

Taking a case in point, the Czech City of Pilsen announced that it has purchased approximately 1,000 gingerbread cookies from the stallholders of the cancelled Advent markets. 

Thanking social workers

In addition to helping sellers, the municipality expressed its gratitude for the efforts of social workers; that is, it distributed the baked goods to the staff of the Municipal Institute of Social Services and of other nursing facilities on Friday, 10 December.

Aside from distributing holiday cookies, it also handed out awards to the social workers. These employees, according to the city, have faced some of the biggest challenges since the outbreak of COVID.

"After the announcement of the government regulation on the abolition of the Advent and Christmas markets, we thought about how to help the sellers from the Pilsen markets in this situation. Every year, we prepare Christmas rewards and gifts for our social workers as an expression of gratitude for the care they provide to clients. This year, therefore, we have added almost a thousand gingerbread products from the cancelled Advent markets to our gifts," shared the mayor of Pilsen, Martin Baxa.

With such actions, the municipality shows the stallholders from the cancelled Christmas markets that it acknowledges and cares about their businesses. Simultaneously, it expresses its appreciation of the difficult work done by the staff of its social services department. 



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