Boyan Tomov

Boyan is the Chairman of Euro Advance Association, Founder of TheMayor.EU, and, CEO of Brand Media Bulgaria and Economy Magazine.

Passionate about all things related to technology and politics, he holds a Master's Degree in Political Science. You can contact Boyan at 

Project Manager

Aseniya Dimitrova

Aseniya is the Project Manager who makes sure that everything with works fine. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Political sciences, a Master's degree in Political Management and Public Policies and a Master's degree in European Projects.

You can contact her about anything that you like or dislike about the Portal, also if you are exploring opportunities for partnerships and cooperation. Reach out to Aseniya at 

Content Editor

Tzvetozar Vincent Iolov

Vincent is the Content Editor at TheMayor.EU. He holds a Bachelor's in Tourism Management (University of Pretoria) and another one in European and Latin American Studies (University of Toronto) in addition to a Master's in International History (Geneva Graduate Institute). Intensely curious about all things cultural and political that happen in Europe and beyond, he believes that the regions of the Old Continent need a stronger voice. Contact him at 


Denis Balgaranov

Denis is an Editor at TheMayor.EU. He is an award-winning author of fiction and has a Bachelor's in Cinema and Screenwriting. He is interested in cities and how they shape habits, habitats, ideas and social movements while also being spaces for the individual’s expression of talent or anonymity.

Contact him at