Mayor of Europe™ is an initiative of Euro Advance Association, through www.TheMayor.EU, and Brand PR. Every month, we highlight the work of a different EU mayor whose city has shown exemplary work, dedication and innovative approaches in fields such as Smart City, Sustainability, Innovation, Digitalization and more.

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Mayor of Europe - September 2022

Georges Mischo - Mayor of Europe - September '22 - Culture

Culture - Georges Mischo

A conversation with Georges Mischo, Mayor of Esch-sur-Alzette, the second city of Luxembourg, on designing a sustainable cultural strategy and a winning bid to become the European Capital of Culture.

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Dovydas Kaminskas - Mayor of Europe - September ’22 – Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency - Dovydas Kaminskas

Dovydas Kaminskas, Mayor of Tauragė, Lithuania, unveils how a small town can lead by example in sustainable development and rank alongside the smartest climate-neutral cities of Europe.

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Mayor of Europe - August 2022

Kimmo Jarva – Mayor of Europe – August ’22 – Social City

Social City - Kimmo Jarva

Kimmo Jarva, Mayor of Lappeenranta, Finland, is Mayor of Europe in the Social City category for August 2022. In this conversation, he speaks about the path forward after its European Green Leaf Award year and the road to becoming one of the 100 Climate-Neutral Cities, while involving all members of society.

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Erik Lauritzen – Mayor of Europe -August ’22 – Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency - Erik Lauritzen

Erik Lauritzen, Mayor of Sønderborg, Denmark, is Mayor of Europe for Energy Efficiency for August 2022. In this interview, he discusses the challenges that lie ahead for coastal cities on their road to climate neutrality and the importance of partnerships in climate action.

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Mayor of Europe - July 2022

Mohamed Ridouani, Mayor of Europe, July 2022

Education and Sport - Mohamed Ridouani

Mohamed Ridouani, Mayor of Leuven, Belgium, is Mayor of Europe for Education and Sport for July 2022. We talked with him about the plethora of local initiatives that turned Leuven into an international innovative ecosystem promoting physical activity.

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Ricardo Rio - Mayor of Europe - July 2022

Sustainable Development - Ricardo Rio

Ricardo Rio, Mayor of Braga, Portugal, is Mayor of Europe in Sustainable Development for July 2022. He told us about the initiatives and projects that helped Braga get ahead in its climate action agenda through careful planning and coordination in the entire ecosystem.

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Mayor of Europe - June 2022

Minna Arve inner

Green City - Minna Arve

Minna Arve, Mayor of Turku, Finland, is Mayor of Europe in Green City for June 2022. Our team talked to her about the ambitious plans to make her city climate-positive by 2029 by involving young people in the process.

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Fernando Kirigin

Sustainable Tourism - Fernando Kirigin

Fernando Kirigin, Mayor of Opatija, Croatia, is Mayor of Europe in Sustainable Tourism for June 2022. Our team conversed with him about the city's efforts to maintain its sustainable profile while keeping a constant tourist flow throughout the year.

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Thomas Westphal

Innovation - Thomas Westphal

Thomas Westphal, Mayor of Dortmund, Germany, is Mayor of Europe in Innovation for June 2022. We talked to him about the most important projects and axes for the development of that German city and the efforts it takes to become a digital transformation frontrunner. 

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Jukka Makela  inner

Smart City - Jukka Mäkelä

Jukka Mäkelä, Mayor of Espoo, Finland, is Mayor of Europe in Smart City for June 2022. We spoke to him about the world’s first complete urban area based on 5G, citizen-oriented sustainable communities and many other innovative projects.

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