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10,000 Steps Challenge: a Czech campaign promoting a healthy lifestyle

10,000 Steps Challenge: a Czech campaign promoting a healthy lifestyle

Citizens can register and take part in this month’s challenge to not only get healthier but to also compete for rewards and prizes

This month, the Czech Republic launched a nationwide campaign to promote physical exercise and movement. The "10,000 Steps" challenge seeks to encourage citizens to walk regularly and adopt a healthier lifestyle. To further motivate people to participate, the challenge includes prizes and rewards which will be given to those who have recorded the highest number of steps at the end of the month.

The campaign’s organisers – the Partnership for Urban Mobility – explained that the ultimate goal of this project is to inspire citizens to engage in more physical activity. They note that even though the challenge asks for 10,000 steps or 7.5 kilometres, far fewer steps are sufficient for an individual to feel and be healthier.

How can you take part in this challenge?

Citizens who are over the age of 18 can participate in this project by registering on "10,000 Steps" website here. Participants are given the choice to register as an individual or a team.

Once you have registered for the challenge, you must record all of your physical activity on your profile by attaching screenshots from devices or applications that monitor movement. Then, you will begin to earn points depending on the kilometres and steps that you record. It must be noted that the project will consider the age and BMI of participants to ensure that the challenge is fair for everyone.


Becoming healthier and happier will undoubtedly be one of the challenge’s most valuable rewards. Nevertheless, the organisers have also arranged tangible and material prizes to further motivate citizens.

According to the website of the challenge, rewards will be given to those who record the highest number of steps. However, there will also be a prize for the eldest participant or the one who would otherwise find it most challenging to participate. In this way, the organisers urge people of all ages and abilities to take part and try their best.

Last but not least, numerous Czech cities have also become involved in this challenge. In other words, they too have organised their own rewards and prizes which they will use to further motivate their residents.



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