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11 new modern buses on their way to Dubrovnik

11 new modern buses on their way to Dubrovnik

The purchase of the new vehicles will substantially bolster the city’s public transport network

The Croatian city of Dubrovnik has finalized the procurement procedure of 11 brand-new modern buses for the local public transport network. The vehicles that have been purchased will bolster the municipality’s bus fleet and will make the use of public transport even more convenient and pleasant for citizens.

Making the best possible use of EU funds

The 11 new buses purchased by Dubrovnik’s local government come at a total cost of nearly 23 million kuna – nearly 3/4 of which was provided by the EU, under the European Regional Development Fund. Their procurement was part of the city and its government’s overall efforts in reducing local CO2 output by providing better and more adequate public transport services to locals that will make them reconsider the use of personal vehicles.

This EU project was coordinated by the Administrative Department for European funds, regional and international cooperation, and the head Zrinka Raguž pointed out that this project also shows the tendency of this city administration in the use of EU funds.

"In the mandate of this city administration, more than a billion kuna of European funds have been contracted for city projects. We are extremely happy about that and we continue to work in that direction, and since the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure is announcing new tenders for the purchase of buses with EU funds, we will be ready for them and I believe we will be as successful as before, "said Raguz.

The 11 12-meter-long MAN buses are of the latest generation and are technically and ecologically far more advanced compared to their predecessors. They should be delivered and put into circulation on Dubrovnik’s streets within the next 200 days.



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