Deputy Mayor Flavia Boghiu explained that the Children Council will feature kids from 11 to 17, Source: City of Brasov

20 kids from all walks of life will take part in Brasov’s new Children Council

20 kids from all walks of life will take part in Brasov’s new Children Council

Modelled after the City Council, it will weigh in on important policy decisions and budget hearings

Yesterday, Brasov Deputy Mayor Flavia Boghiu announced the start of registration for the city’s new Children Council. The Romanian city committed to setting up this administrative body, mirroring the City Council to help ensure that Brasov is a child-friendly city.

The student council will feature 20 children from 11 to 17, who will help guide the city administration. Authorities started working on the initiative in 2021, Mayor Allen Coliban met with Pieter Bult, UNICEF Representative in Romania. Back then, the city signed a memorandum of cooperation between UNICEF and the city, to create an institution that would help to prevent social exclusion.

Now, the joint effort is finally coming to fruition as the city has opened an online registration form where kids will be able to sign up for the council. Registration is set to close on 22 May. While there will be no direct voting for representatives in the Children Council, the city is aiming to build a diverse mix.

The vicious cycle of social exclusion

As the aim of the Council will be to address social exclusion, officials will try to have diverse representation. They want the group to include children of different ages, from different neighbourhoods, with varied experiences, and from different ethnic and social backgrounds.

They also want to include kids with disabilities, children living in poverty, institutionalized children and children with parents working abroad. According to a statement by the city, authorities will also be mindful of maintaining the gender balance in the group.

Most importantly, however, the city is looking for kids who want to be involved, who are creative and who are connected with large groups of other children in their communities. The Children's Council will still have to account for the interests of all kids in Brasov as it will have an advisory role in budget decisions and a seat on various committees.

Deputy Mayor Flavia Boghiu explained that these 20 young people will be a strong voice in municipal policy, ensuring that Brasov is truly a child-friendly city. Furthermore, it is a good way to involve local youth in the political life of the city, by engaging them directly with it. At the same time, the Children's Council main agenda will be focused on "ensuring social inclusion - breaking the vicious circle of exclusion for the most vulnerable children”, according to a statement by the city.



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