Barcelona: one of the 26 European cities on CDP's A List

26 European cities are on CDP’s A List of environmental leaders this year

26 European cities are on CDP’s A List of environmental leaders this year

They have scored high for transparency and climate action

Earlier this month, CDP – the non-profit running the global environmental disclosure system for cities and companies – revealed its A List cities for 2021. More specifically, it unveiled the names of the 95 cities which are this year’s leaders in environmental action and transparency.

What is an A List city?

To secure their spot on CDP’s A List, cities need to fulfil several criteria and score high for transparency and climate action. Expanding on this, they must have a city-wide emissions inventory and disclose it publicly.

In addition to this, they must have published a climate action plan and set ambitious targets for emission reductions and renewable energies. What is more, cities must also complete a climate risk and vulnerability assessment and develop a climate adaptation plan, among several other requirements.

European leaders

Of the 965 cities which have received a score from CDP this year, 95 have made it to the A List. What is more, 46 cities (48%) are new to the list. According to CDP, 26 European cities have scored an A and are therefore environmental leaders. These cities are:

  1. Copenhagen
  2. Egedal
  3. Gladsaxe
  4. Helsingør
  5. Hoeje-Taastrup
  6. Espoo
  7. Helsinki
  8. Lahti
  9. Turku
  10. Paris
  11. Berlin
  12. Athens
  13. Reykjavík
  14. Firenze
  15. Padova
  16. Oslo
  17. Arendal
  18. Porto
  19. Braga
  20. Barcelona
  21. Lund
  22. Stockholm
  23. Växjö
  24. Linköping
  25. Västervik
  26. Zürich

Cities need to strengthen their climate efforts

While having 95 cities score an A is undoubtedly impressive, the CDP notes that their combined population is equal to approximately 108 million. This is only 2.6% of the estimated 4.2 billion people that live in cities worldwide. For this reason, it is absolutely crucial that more cities follow in the footsteps of the 2021 environmental leaders to strengthen their climate efforts.

“We hope the example of A List cities’ efforts and actions will encourage far greater numbers of cities to ramp up their climate ambition, and work together with government and business, to safeguard our planet for generations to come,” commented Kyra Appleby, CDP Global Director of Cities, States and Regions.

To view all 95 cities in the 2021 A List, visit CDP’s website here.



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