3D printed facial mask for protection against Covid-19, Source: MMOl archive / City of Olomouc

3D printed facial masks produced in Olomouc, Czechia

3D printed facial masks produced in Olomouc, Czechia

You can download the printing model for free

Yet another great advantage of 3D printing technology has been demonstrated in Czechia, this time in the context of coronavirus sanitary protection. Last week the City of Olomouc a protective mask created on a 3D printer.

3d printed facial maskThe multi-usage mask is produced in less than 3 hours.  Photo: MMOl archive

Smart solutions against COVID-19

The special protective gear was developed and produced by Jiří Fišer, head of the Informatics and Smart City Department with the Olomouc Municipality. The item can be produced in just three hours and the materials to make it do not exceed CZK 10 (EUR 0,37).

The advantage of this model is that it is made of material for standard 3D printers. This eliminates the problem of finding laces. The design of the drape is printed from PETG, the ear fixation is solved by a filament line for a printer made of FLEX, explained Fišer quoted by the municipal portal.

But on top of being cheap and relatively easy to produce, the mask has other advantages. Both materials can withstand temperatures of up to 75 degrees, so they can easily be disinfected with soap and warm water, as is recommended by the World Health Organisation. 

Any suitable fabric of twenty centimetres may be used as the cloth of the drape, even a handkerchief: it is to be inserted into the structure and serves as a filter. Furthermore, the fabric can be replaced at any time as needed.

facial mask developed on 3d printerThe 3D printed masks are a cheap solution to the coronavirus-induced shortage.  Photo: MMOl archive

Free 3D printing model for facial masks

The municipality has made available the data needed to prepare the masks at home, using your 3D printer. You can download the files in STL format from the website of the City of Olomouc.

It is worth remembering that in Czechia wearing facial protection (be it a mask or a scarf) as a measure against the spread of the disease is mandatory. This is one of the reasons why there has been an increased demand in facial masks, which led to a shortage shortly after an outbreak of coronavirus was discovered in the Czech Republic.



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