The new plan will create a pathway to job opportunities for people with disabilities, Source: Regione Piemonte

40 million euros for boosting up disabled people’s employability in Piedmont

40 million euros for boosting up disabled people’s employability in Piedmont

Not letting anyone to be left behind

The regional government of Piedmont, in Italy, announced on 12 May that it will provide 40 million euros in order to create smoother accessibility for disabled people to the labour market of today. This job inclusion plan will be financed through a variety of programmes, including the regional budget, the next European Social Fund 2021-2027 and other national instruments. The measure will also count on the collaboration of the Piedmont Labour Agency through the branches of the regional Employment Centres.

Accessibility is the first step, thriving at the workplace is the next one

The objective will be to guarantee access, permanence and employment qualification for people with disabilities through activities facilitating the integration or re-insertion into the workplace, job retention and social inclusion. there will also be guidance and training courses for school/work connection and incentives as well as support for companies in the integration of vulnerable groups.

As the Regional Councilor for Labour Elena Chiorino stated: “This is an absolutely necessary intervention, as the first tool for inclusion for a person with disabilities is work. In a context marked by constant social emergencies and by the persistence of the difficulties of stable job placement for the most disadvantaged segments of the population, it was urgent to implement measures to create new employment opportunities for them".

Particular attention, also in light of national guidelines, will be dedicated to the strengthening of digital skills, more than ever necessary both for job placement and for an adequate possibility of enjoying the social rights that increasingly require computer skills, as well as for the improvement of one's private life. 

Recourse to the Labour Service Vouchers is foreseen, already used during the previous programming, for internships and support measures for companies with ad hoc training interventions. All proposed projects must end with some kind of an employment outcome, be it a path of alternation between school and work, a training enterprise, or a real job placement through a stable contract or an internship



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