Demonstration of the Augmented Tourism project, Source: Demonstration of the Augmented Tourism project / Pep Herrero (TMB)

5G augmented reality tourism experience tested in Barcelona

5G augmented reality tourism experience tested in Barcelona

Passengers of a tourist bus can view immersive content while on the move

A pilot 5G augmented reality project for tourists has been tested on the tourist bus of Barcelona. This was announced in early March by Mediapro group, Telefónica and Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona (TMB) who have developed the innovation with joint efforts.

The new 5G mobile networks allow downloading contents associated with the places through which the tourist pass in real-time. This augmented content is displayed on a transparent and interactive screen located in the front window of the vehicle. This way, thanks to interactive multimedia superimposed on reality, the tourist experience is considerably improved.

The 5G Augmented Tourism project was tested for the first time by the users of the Barcelona Bus Turístic (BBT) during a tour of the Montjuïc mountain. The first lucky passengers were able to see Montjuïc fountains lit outside of the usual time, to receive information about the buildings, monuments or places they were currently passing by.

A collaborative effort for an innovative tourist experience

Each of the parties has contributed with their experience to the pilot. The design was provided by the Mediapro Group. They have selected and generated all the tourist information on the key points and developed the augmented reality software and content. Their job is also the installation of the last-generation transparent screens for the two tourist buses used for the test.

For its part, Telefónica has set up a 5G high-speed network that provides large download and upload bandwidths. This accounts for improved quality of content and retransmissions in real-time.

Also, by residing intelligence and content at the edge of the network (Edge Computing capability), the cost for devices consuming this content is reduced. This could mean that the solution can become widely used.

Finally, TMB has enabled two tourist buses of its fleet to make possible the use of the new technology. This way, new possibilities could be explored that have the potential to enhance the sightseeing and cultural experience of the tourist buses in Barcelona.



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