One of the new smart signs, Source: City of Athens on Facebook

62 smart signs tell the stories of important historical figures in Athens

62 smart signs tell the stories of important historical figures in Athens

Locals and tourists can now learn more about the Philhellenic Movement by simply scanning a QR code

On 2 February, the City of Athens announced that it has installed a total of 62 ‘smart’ signs honouring 29 people who contributed to the Greek Revolution 200 years ago. Located on various streets in the Greek capital, the signs carry the names and portraits of figures from the Philhellenic Movement. 

Taking this further, the new street signs feature QR codes that allow residents and tourists to learn more about the history of the city in a modern and easy way. That is, to find out everything they need to know about a certain figure, one must simply scan the QR code on the street sign using their smart device. After this, it will direct them to a webpage featuring all the information they need, in both English and Greek.

Honouring foreign figures

Titled “Walking with the Philhellenes”, this initiative is the result of a collaboration between the Hellenic Society of Environment and Culture and the Municipality of Athens. According to the capital, its ultimate purpose is to highlight how influential historical figures from Italy, Russia, France, America, Germany, Britain, etc. contributed to the creation of modern Greece. 

In addition to this, the project further seeks to make Greek citizens feel more connected to their roots and history. Commenting on the 62 signs, Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis stated:

“[The initiative] offers a great opportunity for residents and visitors of the city to get to know, in-depth, both the historical figures and the landmarks of Athens, about which we all have wondered at some point. […] On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Revolution, we invite everyone to discover the unknown aspects of the history of the Greeks, through texts and photographs.”

Ambassadors from several countries, including the US, Germany, and Britain, also showed their support for the project and praised the Philhellenic Movement. 

To see the new street signs, view the gallery above.



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