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70 Croatian cities have elected mayors in the first round of voting

70 Croatian cities have elected mayors in the first round of voting

450 regions, including Croatia’s biggest cities, will have mayoral runoffs on 30 May

On Sunday 16 May, Croatian voters went to the polling stations in their municipalities to choose their mayors. According to the local portal gradonač, 70 mayors gained the support of over 50% of voters in the first round of the local elections.

Which parties gained support in the first round?

The aforementioned portal further reported that the total number of elected mayors is only 3 more than in the 2017 elections. Taking a closer look at the 70 elected mayors, 36 are from the Croatian Democratic Unit (HDZ), 13 are from the Social Democratic Party (SDP), and 5 are from the Istrian Democratic Party (IDS).

Compared to 2017, 6 less HDZ members and 1 more SDP member were elected this year. In addition to this, there has been a rise in independent candidates who are not a part of a political party; that is, 10 independent mayors were elected on Sunday whereas only 4 received sufficient support in 2017.

Finally, HSS, HSLS, PGS, NLM, FOKUS, and Reformisti each won one mayor in the first round of voting and 7 of the 70 elected mayors are women. The female mayors, their parties and municipalities are listed below:

  • Anamarija Blažević (HDZ) in Pakrac Municipality
  • Mirjana Puškarić (HDZ) in Slunj Municipality
  • Ivana Markovic (SDP) in Supetar Municipality
  • Marija Saric (HDZ) in Pleternica Municipality
  • Jasenka Auguštan Pentek (SDP) in Zlatar Municipality
  • Nika Silić Maroević (SDP) in Korčula Municipality
  • Tonka Ivčević (SDP) in Komiža Municipality

Who won the highest number of votes?

The mayor with the highest percentage of supporters was the independent candidate and former SDP member Nikola Gospočić from Donja Stubica, winning 83.01% of votes.

Gospočić was closely followed by the independent candidate Dinko Burić from Belišće who gained 82.15% of votes. The third best result of this election was that of the PGS member Darijo Vasilić from Krk who received the support of 80.26% of voters.

450 regions are yet to elect their leaders at mayoral runoffs at the end of the month on 30 May. This includes Croatia’s four biggest cities: Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, and Osijek.



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