Waste treatment, Source: European Commission

77 million-euro investment in waste management in Romania

77 million-euro investment in waste management in Romania

Cohesion Fund will finance recycling systems in Galati County, Romania

Romania’s southeastern region of Galați will receive funding to support its waste collection and recycling system, which was approved by the European Commission yesterday. The investment will come from the Cohesion Fund, whose role is to implement regional policies of the European Union. The amount will be over 77 million euros.

Improving sanitation services

500 000 people inhabit the region and they will benefit from the new investment, which will improve waste management services, making them more sustainable and efficient. It will also improve the quality of the environment, which would benefit everyone.

Elisa Ferreira, EU Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms to the EU, was quoted on the EU Commission’s website: “This Cohesion policy investment will contribute to improve health and the quality of life of people living in Galați county. It will improve the environment through the recycling of otherwise wasted materials and will stimulate the development of the local biodiversity and economic activities.”

Improving the quality of life

The project is planned to help people living in the Galați County by providing them with greater access to hygiene services and this should be implemented by the end of this year.

Rural areas are the most affected by the lack of regular sanitation facilitates. The data shows that only 45% of the population has regular access to sanitation and this project will benefit them the most.

By reusing and recycling wastepaper, metal, plastic, glass, and wood, people will be able to reduce waste that goes into landfills. The Cohesion Policy will invest in infrastructure to increase this practice. Many household wastes are hazardous or bulky and this investment will help to treat them properly.

As with many European investments, this one will also provide employment opportunities for local people. This time around 300 people will be able to work during the construction period and approximately 380 will work during the operation phase.

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