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99.3% of Greece’s mayors are vaccinated or immune to COVID

99.3% of Greece’s mayors are vaccinated or immune to COVID

The leaders are accelerating the vaccine rollout by setting a good example for their citizens

On Thursday 15 July, the non-profit organisation Central Union of Greek Municipalities (KEDE) revealed that an astonishing 99.3% of the mayors in Greece have taken action to build an “immunity wall” against COVID. More specifically, almost all of the country’s mayors have either been fully vaccinated, are planning to take the second dose of the COVID vaccine, or have developed antibodies from previously contracting the virus.

According to a press release on the union’s website, the aforementioned percentage is well above the desired national target for building herd immunity in Greece. Moreover, it acts as proof of the leaders’ commitments to setting a good example for their citizens and ensuring the safety of the nation.

President of KEDE Dimitris Papastergiou commented on these findings and the leaders’ efforts, noting: “The Mayors of Greece are building a “wall of love” for the citizens of our local communities. Together, we will build an “immunity wall” against COVID. […] We call once again on the citizens to be vaccinated because the vaccine saves lives.”

Accelerating the vaccine rollout by setting a good example

KEDE shared its objectives on its website, explaining that the organisation actively participates in the acceleration of the vaccine rollout. Moreover, it notes that its ultimate aim is to shield citizens from the possibility of a fourth wave or any further mutations.

In addition to this, the non-profit organisation disclosed its reasons for recording and sharing the percentage of mayors who have personally taken action to fight the pandemic. That is, KEDE seeks to shed light on the responsible attitudes of leaders and their successful management of critical issues.

Finally, it is hoped that the high percentage will motivate citizens to get vaccinated and join the mayors of Greece in their efforts to prevent the spread of the virus.

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