cable car in Prague, Source: City of Prague

A cable car will connect three districts of Prague

A cable car will connect three districts of Prague

The alternative transport solution is cheaper and avoids traffic

Within five years, Podbaba, Troja a Bohnice in Prague will be connected by a cable car, announced the municipal authorities on Tuesday. The journey from start to finish will take only 7 minutes and will lead to significant savings in terms of time and financial resources for the locals, in comparison to other alternatives.

An important transport connection

The faster solution will be implemented through the use of a cable car, connecting the final trams and the railway station Podbaba with Podhoří and the Bohnice housing estate at the bus stop Na Pazderce. After the completion of the cable car, the journey of 2.5 kilometres from Bohnice to Podbaba and crossing the river will be completed within several minutes without the need to pass through the city centre.

The transport link connecting Troja and districts 6 and 8 was a much-needed solution in the Czech capital, reads the announcement. First, because there is no direct connection and the existing transport alternative takes no less than 40 minutes.

Second, there are 25,000 people living in the Bohnice housing estate, while in Dejvice and Bubeneč there are tens of thousands of university students, as well as theatres, cinemas, shopping centres and offices, in Troja, meanwhile, one can also find the Prague Zoo and Trojská Kotlina. At the same time, the introduction of conventional public transport at this point is technically very difficult.

A tramway line in the making

"We are working on a tram line, but for it we will need to build a new bridge over the Vltava and an almost kilometre-long excavated tunnel in the rock up to Bohnice. We were therefore looking for a faster solution to connect Prague 6, Troja and Prague 8. We will build the cable car for the citizens of Prague within five years. It is another step towards better and more modern public transport. We were inspired by the cable car in Kolbenz, Germany, Porto, Portugal or Brest, France. The cable car will take the same number of people as one backbone tram line, will be four times cheaper and will remain as an alternative after the completion of the tram line. " explained Adam Scheinherr, Deputy Mayor for transport.

However, the tramway construction will not begin until 2030. The cable car will be capable of transporting up to 6,000 people every hour. It is currently waiting for environmental evaluation and its service life is estimated at 30 years.



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