Craft Beers, Source: Brussels Beer Project

A craft brewery will soon sell electricity to Brussels residents

A craft brewery will soon sell electricity to Brussels residents

To celebrate this, the partners will offer 350 beer packs for free

The residents of Brussels will soon be able to purchase sustainably generated electricity from a local craft brewery. This is possible thanks to a partnership, announced yesterday, between Brussels Beer Project, a craft beer movement, and Bolt, a sustainable energy platform.

Bolt and Brussels Beer Project - unexpectedly good combination

Conceived in 2013 in the City of Brussels, the Brussels Beer Project has grown into a bold craft beer movement, capable of producing around 2000 beer bottles daily and releasing a new beer every week. Their brewing process is collaborative and circular, relying on sustainable resources, in line with their core values.

Since its conception, the team has been relying for its energy needs on Bolt, a Belgian platform where one can purchase energy from local renewable sources. But after purchasing sustainable electricity from a nearby farm through Bolt for 7 years, Brussels Beer Project decided to go a step further and start producing their own electricity and offer it themselves via Bolt.

Thus, the beer company has announced its intention to build a brewery in Anderlecht (a municipality in Brussels-Capital region). Its roof will be covered by 250 square metres of solar panels, which will generate electricity for the needs of the beer production process. According to their plans, the excess energy will be offered through Bolt to all Belgian customers who opt for sustainably generated electricity.

Naturally, a partnership like this calls for a celebration. That is why, Brussels Beer Project decided to offer what they can do best – beer. Hence, free packs of the product will be available for the first 350 customers.

Each pack contains 10 craft beers, 1 circular soap bar, 1 bag with spent grain and 1 recipe booklet. So, if you live in Brussels and want to take advantage of this, head over to their website.


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