Taking short showers in Finland this winter will be a way to show your patriotism, Source: Unsplash

“A degree lower”: Finland’s campaign to save energy this winter

“A degree lower”: Finland’s campaign to save energy this winter

The national authorities have decided to appeal to feelings of patriotism and concern for your fellow neighbour as the way to get through the cold season

Earlier today, the Finnish government revealed more details about a planned communication campaign, which will aim to motivate and inform the population about the need and the ways to save energy during the upcoming winter.

Now that it’s becoming clear that the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the gas supply blackmail policies favoured by the Kremlin are here to stay for a while, the authorities have decided to appeal to the nation’s resolve and inner strength.

The main theme of the campaign will be “A degree lower” sending a message that households need to cut down on their comfort levels during the cold season, by regulating their heating and hot water consumption.

The last time such a campaign took place there was in the 1970s

This is not the first time that a communication campaign to conserve energy is taking place in the Nordic country. The approach was already tried, out of necessity again, during the 1973 oil crisis.

This time around, though, the authorities are hoping that the behavioural change to reduced energy usage will become a long-term habit, in order to resist aggressive policies that may last well into the future. Plus, it would help usher in climate neutrality faster.

The government isn’t only asking people to lower the heating at home but to also use fewer electronics, fewer light sources and shorter showers (no more than 5 minutes).

In October, during Finland's national energy saving week, more concrete saving steps will be presented, as the campaign officially kicks into gear.

According to Yle, the government wants to appeal to the Finnish people’s sense of patriotism and solidarity.

"Perhaps the emotional side is important here. Even if this doesn't bother you, it's good to take care of your neighbour so that there's enough electricity for all of us in the coming heating season," explained Kati Laakso, the campaign’s communication director, as quoted by the news agency.

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