Project Gravity buildings, Source: Municipality of Differdange

A futuristic building in Luxembourg is looking for its first residents

A futuristic building in Luxembourg is looking for its first residents

You could move there in 2023, and for a very reasonable amount of money

Can a new housing estate with modern design in the heart of the city be affordable? The authorities of Differdange, Luxembourg believe so.

And not only – according to them, such a building can also offer a sustainable, nature-friendly lifestyle, without depriving its inhabitants from the comfort of urbanisation. That is why they launched Project Gravity, which is currently looking for its first residents.

A chance for sustainable, modern and affordable living

Gravity project: a chance for all – this is the slogan of the latest affordable housing project of the municipality of Differdange, third-largest in the Grand-Duchy with some 27 000 inhabitants from 115 nationalities. By completing Gravity, the local and national authorities want to give a chance to everyone to live, work and meet in their city.

Gravity is a residential complex just minutes away from the central and commercial areas, consisting of dozens of high-quality apartments with futuristic design, all guaranteeing a sustainable urban lifestyle. Its five buildings, the highest of which standing at 65 metres, are characterised not only by individualistic architecture, but also by their high energy-efficiency (class AAA) and environmentally friendly roof with spacious terraces.

A space for urban agriculture with vertical vegetable gardens, a roomy meeting space where one can get to know their neighbours and organise a family celebration are only part of the advantages of Gravity. A private nursery, a gallery, commercial space with offices and a car park combine relaxation with urban lifestyle, infrastructure with nature.

The innovative project, which cost the city over 40 million euros, is not just meant to please the eye - it is also supposed to serve the community by offering quality housing for rent or sale at moderate prices. They range from 309 000 euros to 417 000 euros for an airy terraced apartment.

The selection of Gravity

There is a total of 80 affordable apartments to choose from in the complex. They are all different types, with two, three or four rooms, and all have 80 square metres of area as a minimum. 48 of them are for sale and 32 for rent.

In order to benefit from the offer, and move in in 2023, one should apply online by 26 February included. However, the applications will not be reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis: instead, there is a complex ranking system which gives priority to several groups of people. They include low-income candidates, the elderly, large families and those who have lived long years in the commune of Differdange.

Sounds appealing? Visit the website of Differdange for more info and possibly discover your new home?

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