amsterdam corona map, Source: City of Amsterdam

A map shows the quietest places for resting in Amsterdam

A map shows the quietest places for resting in Amsterdam

It is now easier to know where it is safe to spend time this summer

With the arrival of the summer months and the uncertainty around travelling abroad, the question arises of where to spend one's free time while avoiding crowded places and limiting the risk of contracting the new coronavirus. Luckily, Amsterdam can provide the answer. The Dutch capital has launched an online map showing the distribution of quiet and busy spots throughout its territory so that everyone can make an informed choice about their social engagements during off-time.

Awareness and social distancing against Covid-19

To facilitate its residents and visitors to stick to the 1,5-metres distance principle, Amsterdam shows where it would be safer to go, as there are fewer people expected there. Everyone can consult this online map and find less crowded places, which might be even in the city centre.

There are also search filters available – one can select parks or green areas, squares, shopping and others. However, it should be noted that the map is regularly but not automatically updated, so the real situation may differ in any given moment.

The map was created by the employees of the Corona crisis team, based on the occupancy of the spaces in the past weeks. To avoid health risks, the website reminds, it is always necessary to keep a distance of five feet.

With the number of coronavirus infections being on the rise lately (with 3% in the last week), the Amsterdam authorities want to take further measures to prevent crowding. As pointed out on the city’s website, popular places have seen fences and guards installed, and ultimately – a limit to the number of visitors allowed.

This last measure may refer to Somerlust on the Amstel - near the new Amstelkwartier district, Schinkeleilanden Park - behind the Olympic Stadium on the Schinkel, Vondelpark, Bogortuin at the connection dam to Java island and KNSM island.



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