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A new set of measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus in Belgium

A new set of measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus in Belgium

Valid from 27 March until 25 April included

Today, 24 March, the government of Belgium decided on a new set of measures, aimed to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. The measures take effect on Saturday, 27 March, and are justified by the high seven-days average number of hospitalizations and the doubling number of new cases every two weeks. As most of the outbreaks occur in school and work settings, there will be further restrictions in these domains.

The measures are thus temporary, with an initial horizon of 25 April, included.

The restrictive measures valid in Belgium until 25 April

The measures announced by the Consultation Committee of Belgium include public gatherings and meetings, the operation of some businesses and professions, education and travel. These include:

  1. Limit on outdoor gatherings of up to 4 people (does not concern people from the same household or children under 12 years of age).
  2. Non-essential stores operate by appointment only; home deliveries and "click-and-collect" remain possible. Essential stores (including grocery stores, pharmacies, but also hygiene products stores, fabric stores, florists and nurseries, telecom stores and bookstores) can continue to welcome customers without an appointment.
  3. Closure of non-medical contact professions. This concerns, among others, beauty salons, non-medical pedicure salons; nail salons; massage studios, hairdressers and barbers, tattoo and piercing studios.
  4. Classes at all levels of education are suspended from 29 March to 2 April, inclusive. Nursery schools remain open. Examinations can, however, take place during the week preceding the Easter holidays.
  5. Stricter controls on the compliance with remote work obligation. Employers must keep a register specifying who is present at the workplace and when. Public administrations are also required to pursue teleworking.
  6. Non-essential travel remains prohibited during the Easter holidays.
  7. When it comes to events, the maximum number of participants in demonstrations is limited to 50.

The ministerial decree remains in force until April 25, inclusive.

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