31st primary school in Pilsen, Source: City of Pilsen (M. Pecuch)

A Pilsen school has applied special wall paint to prevent the spread of COVID

A Pilsen school has applied special wall paint to prevent the spread of COVID

The walls of this Pilsen school have been painted with a protective coating that eradicates bacteria and viruses

One of the classrooms in Pilsen’s 31st primary school has received a special nanotechnological paint coating on its walls and ceiling. According to a press release by the Pilsen Municipality, the school teaches and looks after children of frontline key workers such as paramedics, firefighters, and police officers.

Protection against COVID-19

The special coating was applied for free by the company Nanotechnologie 21 sro (NT21) and it is said to have protective qualities; that is, it is believed to eliminate viruses, bacteria, allergens, fungi, and fumes produced by volatile substances such as disinfectants and cleaning products.

Commenting on the protective coating, the Council for Education Lucie Kantorová said, “This is a Czech patent used in healthcare in our country and in the world. Teachers also praise another of the effects of this technology, namely the elimination of odours. Children thus have the highest possible protection that can currently be obtained on the market.”

Speaking to the Municipality of Pilsen, Petr Brož from NT21 explained how the coating works: “This coating will retain its functional properties for up to ten years. It was originally intended for healthcare, but for example, for its ability to absorb odors, it has also proven itself in kitchens, school canteens and sports locker rooms. It is also suitable, for example, for households where children suffering from various allergies live.”

The 31st primary school takes care of approximately 60 students whose parents have demanding jobs and are therefore unable to look after them during the day. In addition to classes and lessons, the school provides the students with food and drinks. All the charges of the school are reportedly covered by the Pilsen region.

Thanks to this innovative technology, key workers can ensure that their children stay safe and protected from the virus.

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