The "Fable" robot allows students to communicate with one another, Source: Ericsson

A robot using 5G technology facilitates remote learning in Danish school

A robot using 5G technology facilitates remote learning in Danish school

A teenage boy who suffers from a lung condition is using Ericsson’s “Fable” robot to attend and participate in classes

On 1 November, the telecommunications company Ericsson revealed that a school in Denmark is holding a 5G robot connectivity trial to facilitate remote learning. More specifically, a teenage boy who suffers from a lung condition that prevents him from physically attending classes has been given “Fable”: a 5G robot that he can control and move about both inside the classrooms and outside during lunch breaks.

Promoting independence and facilitating participation

Previously, the student used another robot to attend classes virtually. However, it was the teachers who had to control the device and guarantee that he felt included. Now, thanks to Fable and its 5G connection, the student has full control of the robot.

Expanding on this, the Ericsson robot reportedly has extremely low latency, fast speed, and high handling 5G capabilities. This means that instead of simply watching the teacher and the board behind them, the student can make the device turn around when a fellow classmate is speaking.

In this way, he can feel as though he is physically present in the class and able to participate in conversations. Subsequently, the robot allows him to feel a sense of independence as he no longer relies on teachers and other students to be able to participate in class.

Illustrating the potential of using 5G in education

In a press release, Ericsson reported that the connectivity trial emerged from a collaboration between 3 bodies: the Danish communications service provider TDC Net, the robotics company Shape Robotics and Ericsson. Taking this further, the idea was born at the TDC/Ericsson 5G Innovation Hub in Denmark. Commenting on the project, Head of Ericsson Denmark Niclas Backlund shared:

“Denmark was one of the first countries in the world to roll out a national 5G network. I am convinced that the Danish robot example, together with the other initiatives we have implemented with the 5G Innovation Hub, can inspire companies beyond our borders.

5G proves to be a fruitful innovation platform for new use cases. This remote school application really shows the power of digitalisation to address societal needs and is an excellent example of digital inclusion.”



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