The city of Târgu Jiu in Romania , Source: Municipality Târgu Jiu Facebook

A Romanian city to create a platform for collecting old clothes

A Romanian city to create a platform for collecting old clothes

The town of Târgu Jiu will collect clothes that are left to disintegrate in nature

The city of Târgu Jiu in Romania will have a special platform for collecting old clothes. The city will support waste management in textile in order to prevent the stacking up of clothes in one of its areas. This was announced earlier this week by the city administration, although the investment that would cost around 80 000 euros remains to be approved by the City Council.

Some local councillors suggested building a platform where all these clothes could be collected in order to not be left out to disintegrate in nature. There, the people who would bring them would not pay anything. The clothes that can be reused will be cleaned and donated to needy families, and the rest will be taken to the incinerator.

Recycling old clothes instead of throwing them

According to Luis Popa, head of the County Service for Waste Management, within the Gorj County Council, the future platform for collecting old clothes could be built right in the Roma-populated district, in the northern part of Târgu Jiu.

From here they will either be handed over to a company that recycles such products, or they will be incinerated by an authorised operator. The activity will be managed by one of the municipal companies, namely Edilitara Public.

"It is a project for which I insist, and which must be realised with the help of Edilitara companies right near the area where there are many families who deal with the sale of second-hand clothes. Many of the clothes that arrive in the county are not sold or are in very bad condition. Thus, they end up being thrown in the fields," said Luis Popa, Head of the County Service for Waste Management in the Gorj County Council.

What is certain is that, periodically, the sanitation company from Târgu Jiu must go to the areas in question and pick up the abandoned items from the fields. The authorities also organise economic initiatives with the help of volunteers. The clothes that are thrown in the fields can also be seen from the trains passing by, creating an unappealing image.



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