The EU City Facility announces a call for proposals set to open on 29 March 2021, Source:

A second call under European City Facility set to open on 29 March

A second call under European City Facility set to open on 29 March

Grants of 60,000 euros will be available for investment concepts offered by municipalities

At the beginning of March, the European City Facility announced its forthcoming second call for proposals. The increased financial support for this second round of funding will guarantee that an even larger number of cities will be able to benefit from EU funding for sustainable energy projects plans.

The call for applications will be officially opened on 29 March and will be accepting applications until 31 May. More information about the guidelines for applicants are to be announced on EUCF’s website soon.

Helping EU cities draft ambitious energy and climate strategies

The European City Facility is a European initiative aimed to support municipalities, local authorities and their groupings across Europe to develop investment concepts and accelerate investments in sustainable energy.

The accepted applications will receive a grant to the tune of 60,000 euros. This funding is not to be used to directly finance investments, but to support services and activities needed for the development of the investment concept, such as (technical) feasibility studies, market analysis, stakeholder analysis, legal, economic and financial analysis, risk analysis and coordination and organization activities.

In the couple of weeks preceding the official call opening, the EUCF team encourages cities across the EU to identify their sustainable energy projects, get in touch with their country experts and consult the website and / or helpdesk for any questions regarding the eligibility of their application.

The facility previews a total of four calls for proposals, one of which is already closed, two are forthcoming in the spring and autumn of 2021 (October-November) and a final call is scheduled for the spring of 2022 (May-June). Cities can benefit only once for such a grant.

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