Modeshift’s parking system comes with an app that facilitates all parking-related processes

A Smart Parking Solution For The City Of Tomorrow

A Smart Parking Solution For The City Of Tomorrow

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Intelligent urban mobility and smart parking are part of one and the same ecosystem since one cannot thrive without the other. Modern cities, overwhelmed by personal vehicles, are constantly suffering from a lack of available parking spots. The solution? An integrated transit and parking system that can help reduce traffic and provide automated management of parking spots so that drivers who need them can actually find them fast.

A battle against the clock: the importance of finding a parking spot easily

It’s not only a frustration that stems from dysfunctional parking systems. Each minute spent cruising around the block to find that elusive (if available at all) parking spot means more air pollution. Each minute spent driving around in search of a free spot is also minute that could otherwise be spent doing things that you enjoy.

Cities need to rethink their parking systems so that people have quick digital access to as many parking functionalities as possible:

  • Real-time information about parking availability
  • Automatic vehicle navigation towards the nearest spot
  • Secure parking fee payments
  • Notifications about fee expirations, fines and more

This can be done with the help of a  mobile application or an integration with the car’s own onboard computer.

Our solution

Telelink City’s digital parking solution is part of the Modeshift Fare Collection product: a fully customizable mobility solution that can create a seamless MaaS ecosystem. What makes Modeshift different? To put it simply, its incredible flexibility. The team behind this technological feat cares for one thing only - making the city a place where people live harmoniously with their environment. And it achieves that goal with the help of a robust mobility solution that is…

  • Account-based

Customers can create an account and easily purchase fares for both public transport and parking systems. Having this convenience allows them to get better prices for both services. The account also serves as a virtual wallet where they can store their fares and recharge any prepaid services the system offers.

  • Ready to be deployed

With Modeshift, city management doesn’t have to wait to get a working parking solution. The system is highly customizable and ready to be deployed within months. Our team works closely with city staff to ensure we get to deployment as quickly as possible, without sacrificing the quality of the service.

  • Comes with a mobile application that can be easily customised

Modeshift’s parking system comes with an app that facilitates all parking-related processes – from finding a spot to paying for it. The app can be integrated into a larger MaaS ecosystem and can be customised with the city’s branding.

  • Ready to be integrated into an existing parking system

Many cities want to upgrade their existing parking systems rather than start from scratch. Modeshift works with most of the available hardware and can be tailored to fit legacy systems, improving their efficiency at scale.

  • MaaS-ready

Modeshift’s parking solution can be integrated into an already existing public transit solution, or you can even opt to receive the full public transit solution Modeshift offers – from dispatch to fare collection and real-time passenger information.

Smart parking solution benefitsWhat can you expect from our smart parking solution?

An optimised and reliable parking solution can improve the lives of citizens and guests of any city, no matter how big or small. Aligning your expectations with the short-term and long-term benefits will help you see the ways in which this investment can improve city life and communicate it better with citizens to get their approval. An important component of Modeshift’s system is that it’s based on the SaaS model which means that the city won’t make gigantic investments before seeing results.

Short-term benefits include:

  • Reduced time for finding a parking spot: with the help of a handy mobile app and digital signage solutions, drivers can quickly navigate to the nearest free spot without having to cruise around the block or wait for one to become available.
  • Streamlined payment: our digital parking solution provides an easy and secure way for drivers to pay using their preferred payment methods. They can buy single fares or opt for subscriptions, store their information within the mobile app, even use it to pay any fines they may have.
  • Improved revenue collection: city management has a better grip on the revenue from parking. What’s more, the detailed reporting system can help make decisions on how to further optimise the system.

Long-term benefits include:

  • Reduced air pollution levels: as parking is part of the traffic ecosystem (one of the worst air pollutants in cities), any reduction in the time and effort it takes to find a parking spot results in a reduction of fine particulate matter in the air from burning fossil fuels.
  • Improvement in connectivity between transit services in the city & reduction of traffic in central parts of the city. With the help of our digital solution, city management can easily introduce a combined parking & public transit fare, promote free buffer parking spots for people who use public transit, and more. This will help people get off their cars more often, effectively reducing the number of vehicles in the central parts of the city and decreasing peak hour congestions.
  • Improvement in the overall living standards in the city: by giving citizens flexible parking and transit solutions, reducing the stress connected to congestions, and improving air quality, cities can effectively improve their overall standard of living and promote a healthier environment for citizens.


Telelink City can partner with global and local institutions to efficiently integrate this innovation in your city.

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