Mayor Jørn Pedersen in the Sustainability House, Source: Kolding Municipality

A Sustainability House will open in the centre of Kolding

A Sustainability House will open in the centre of Kolding

Kolding2030 – Bæredygtighedshuset will be a meeting point for those interested in helping the municipality achieve its sustainability goals

A Sustainability House will open in the centre of the Danish city, Kolding. This establishment will be named “Kolding2030 – Bæredygtighedshuset and it will be funded by the Kolding City Council.

The house is meant to act as a meeting point for all those who are interested in sustainability to attend talks, events, and activities. As such, the main aim of the establishment is to help the city speed up and achieve the goals it has outlined in its Sustainability Strategy.

In a press release on the municipality’s website, Mayor Jørn Pedersen commented: "I expect that the new Kolding2030 house will be a dynamo in relation to getting a lot of people on board our sustainable journey. The plan is that you as a citizen or company should be able to look in with good ideas and suggestions and get inspiration and tips for sustainable initiatives.

Right now and probably for a long time yet, the corona is in the way of you being able to physically show up at the Kolding2030 house. But with a very central location in the city, we hope that many in the long run will take advantage of the opportunity. At the same time, we also hope that our future partners will, over time, make their mark on the development of the house and become part of everyday life."


Although the Kolding City Council will finance the Sustainability House, various other public and private companies have taken part in its development. In other words, Kolding2030 has been established thanks to collaborations between several companies, green organisations, educational institutions, and the municipality.   

Stella Steen Jensen, Kolding Municipality’s program manager for sustainability, discussed these partnerships as she said that she is "overwhelmingly pleased" with the recognition and interest the project has received.

"Many have indicated that they would like to help develop the Sustainability House […] and there is no doubt that an organization built around a wide range of partners can create the greatest possible value," Jensen disclosed.

Kolding2030’s first employees will move into the building after Easter. Once lockdown ends, the Sustainability House will be open to all.

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