A taste of Tartu amid the pandemic

A taste of Tartu amid the pandemic

23 restaurants in the Estonian city offer three-course special menus with predominantly local ingredients for the month-long culinary event

From today, 3 February, harmonized Covid-19 restrictions across Estonia are in force. Unlike most other EU states, however, restaurants, bars and cafes remain open with strings attached and takeaways are not impeded at all.

7th edition of Tasty Tartu

This loophole has been music to the years of the organizers of Tasty Tartu – the feast of memorable taste experiences taking place throughout February in Estonia’s second largest city, now for the seventh time.

This year, we gave a larger number of restaurants than usual the opportunity to join the campaign, and they are highly motivated to offer visitors appetising special menus,” said Tartu Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm, quoted by the city website. “Last year has been difficult for the catering sector due to the applicable restrictions and the decrease in the number of patrons, which is why I encourage the residents of Tartu and the city guests to take part in the taste experiences being offered.’’

Here are the restaurants that are taking part in Tasty Tartu 2021 (in alphabetical order): Antonius, Cafe Shakespeare, Cafe Truffe, Chez André, Dorpat, Entri, FII, GMP Patisserie, Gustav Gastro Cafe, Kampus, Kohvik-resto Välk, Lihuniku Äri, Meat Market, Pepe’s, Pierre, Polpo, Püssirohukelder, Spargel, Taverna, Trikster Tihane, Werner, Vilde ja Vine, and Ülikooli kohvik/Drinkgel.

In addition to their regular menu, the chefs of participating restaurants have prepared unique menus especially for Tasty Tartu with predominantly local ingredients and using the feedback of an expert jury. The special menus are sold as a set, with a three-course meal priced from EUR 21 to EUR 25.

Food aficionados can rate the restaurants they have visited in February and based on these evaluations, the visitors’ favourites will be determined.

‘You Are Safe Here’

Responsible catering and accommodation establishments have joined forces to stem the spread of coronavirus in the City of Tartu, signing a goodwill agreement to work together towards this goal. So, if you see a consumer campaign label saying ‘You Are Safe Here’ displayed at a Tartu restaurant, café, bar or hotel, you can be sure that the business is fully complying with the goodwill agreement, as well as the instructions of the Health Board.

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