The wind phone on the Italian farm, Source: Il telefono del vento / Facebook

A Tuscan farm features Italy’s first wind phone

A Tuscan farm features Italy’s first wind phone

The installation has been thought out with the concept of letting people “talk” to their dearly departed

The wind phone as an idea was invented by a Japanese designer who wanted to find a way to cope with the death of a close relative. In essence, it’s a phone booth which is not connected to the phone network but it has the psychological effect of letting people talk and share their feelings and thoughts into a one-way conversation with a dearly departed.

The concept has been picked with various installations appearing in North America and Ireland, though it is a phone booth on a farm in the Tuscan countryside that may be the first such wind phone in continental Europe. It was unveiled in December 2023 near the hamlet of Capannoli, in the province of Pisa.

A place for quiet introspection

A famous Indian saying goes, “If you want Heaven to know it, tell it to the wind”. This perfectly encapsulates what the wind phones are all about.

The Italian wind phone’s position has not been randomly chosen. The installation took place on the highest hill in the surrounding land, inspired by the sound of the wind while observing the landscape surrounding the hill. Here, you can stop, breathe, listen to yourself, and free yourself from the burdens you have never been able to let go of with words.

It has been a highly appreciated public installation in the past few months, with visitors getting a superb chance to feel alone with their thoughts. The beautiful countryside panoramic view aids the mourner in their contemplation.

The wind phone was placed on the land of the Tegolaia farm by Marco Vanni, an Italian photographer.

Apparently, occasionally there are meditation workshops that take place at the wind phone location.



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