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Aalborg establishes a youth climate council

Aalborg establishes a youth climate council

Young people between the ages of 15 and 25 can apply to join the advisory body

On 2 June, Aalborg Municipality in Denmark announced that its Environment and Energy Administration has established a youth climate council. Now, children and young people in Aalborg will be able to voice their opinions and play an active role in decision-making.

What is the role of the youth climate council?

Aalborg’s youth climate council will consist of 10-16 young people between the ages of 15 and 25. The council will act as an advisory body which will provide input and recommendations to the municipality and its Environment and Energy Administration.

Moreover, the council will be tasked with giving presentations at primary and secondary schools as well as obtaining input from the city’s young people. In this way, the municipality seeks to ensure that the youth can participate in the decision-making process for future climate actions.

The importance of youth participation

It must be highlighted that youth involvement in climate action is crucial as young people will be the ones to feel the effects of the climate crisis. As such, it is vital that they participate in the development process of the municipality’s climate action plans.

In a press release, Councillor Lasse Olsen commented on the establishment of the new advisory body: “It is especially the young people who are concerned about climate change, and they have an interest in creating change and action in the climate area. That is why we want to ensure that young people have an influence and involve them to a much greater extent in the climate agenda. We hope that the youth climate council can also contribute with new innovative climate solutions to the green transition.”

Aalborg Municipality now invites young people to become ambassadors for climate action and become a part of the council. To join, one must submit their application to



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