Recycled bicycles bring joy to Aalborg's children, Source: Aalborg Municipality

Aalborg’s kindergarteners receive second-hand bicycles for free

Aalborg’s kindergarteners receive second-hand bicycles for free

The municipality wants to teach young children how to ride a bike from an early age

On 10 May, the Danish Municipality of Aalborg shared that some of its kindergartens will now receive second-hand bicycles for free. This initiative is the result of a collaboration between the “Children’s Lives in Healthy Balance” project and the second-hand shop GPS’en. Together, they will distribute recycled bicycles with the aim of teaching young children how to cycle from an early age.

Up until now, Aalborg’s citizens have placed bicycles they no longer want in a container in Nørresundby. The GPS’en shop then restores the discarded bicycles, giving them new life. Commenting on their work, GPS’en Project Employee Torben Mark explained:

“These bicycles have been donated for recycling by citizens. They are in very different conditions. Some of them we can do nothing about, while others are really nice. Some need to be lubricated, have a chain changed or have new wheels, which we can sometimes find on other discarded bikes. We usually sell those bikes on, but we have a hard time getting rid of children’s bikes, so they pile up a little over the years. That’s why this project is a win-win. The bicycles are given new life and it is great that the children’s institutions will accept them.”

Aalborg bicyclesChildren receiving their new bikes (Source: Aalborg Kommune on Facebook)

Leading an active life at an early age

In a press release, Aalborg Municipality reveals the goals behind the Children’s Lives in Healthy Balance project, noting that it seeks to create a healthy environment for children. More specifically, it aims to teach them how to lead an active life from an early age. Councillor for Health and Culture Jes Lunde discussed this further, sharing that the foundations for active and healthy lifestyles are laid during childhood.

With the new initiative, children will not only learn how to ride a bicycle but also understand the benefits of sustainable practices. Explaining how the new bikes will impact the children, Pedagogical Manager at the Børnehaven Viaduktvej nursery school shared:

“Children want to move, and a bicycle gives them speed, freedom, and the feeling of mastering something. At the same time, it strengthens both their self-esteem and skills. We really want to focus on cycling games and increase children’s joy of movement. To learn to ride a bike, you need well-functioning bikes.” 



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