Can the e-bike be the next step in rural mobility after the horse and the car?, Source: Aalborg Municipality

Aalborg seeks to introduce e-bikes in rural areas as an alternative to cars

Aalborg seeks to introduce e-bikes in rural areas as an alternative to cars

Moreover, they could also be an alternative to the e-scooters that have taken over urban environments

The Municipality of Aalborg (Denmark) has announced that it intends to carry out a trial project for the expanded use of electric bicycles in its rural hinterland areas. Reportedly, the authorities are calling for an information and consultation meeting with rural residents in order to test the viability and the parameters of the idea. Said meeting will be held on 24 August.

We know from previous pilot projects that the electric bicycle can help create greater freedom for citizens. Freedom to move over greater distances than it's possible on an ordinary bicycle; and this can be a real alternative to the car and public transport. And we know that time on the bike equals both physical and mental health. That is why we are now inviting the citizens of the rural district to an information meeting, where we will work with them to create local trial schemes with electric bicycles,” says Jes Lunde, councillor for Health and Culture.

The previous projects that the councillor referred to were the e-bike trials in Freljev and Vodskov, two villages lying on the periphery of Aalborg. This time around, however, the idea is to expand the trials to more distant villages where cars are much more of a necessity for mobility needs.

2022 is a big year for cycling in Denmark

In the rural district, the car is for many an indispensable part of everyday transport, but figures show that 25 percent of families do not have access to a car. Therefore, opportunities are now seen in supplementing everyday mobility with electric bicycles. 

The framework for the trial has not yet been determined, as citizens are invited to help shape it. The hope is that more villages will participate, but not necessarily according to the same model. 

Personally, I think electric bikes can be a good alternative to cars. I hope that through the project we can try out some models and make it visible to a number of citizens that the electric bicycle is a real alternative. I also hope that the trial project eventually ends up in a more permanent offer in the rural district - perhaps in the style of the scooters in Aalborg,” says Leo Helmer, chairman of LAK (the Association of Villages of Aalborg Municipality).

Reportedly, it was the rural inhabitants themselves, represented by LAK, who initiated the idea for such a project.

2022 has so far been marked by the heavy presence of cycling in Danish society, especially after last month the country hosted the first three stages of the Tour de France. What’s more, the Folketing (the Danish Parliament) declared 2022 to be the year of the bicycle.



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